Welcome to The Fakémon Club Wiki!

The Fakémon Club Wiki is a Wiki where members of Serebii Forum's Fakémon Club can post their ideas for future use and editing! The Fakémon Club Wiki is also known as:

  • Project Genesis (Credit to Pikablu Lv.X!) Genesis is Latin, and means: 'To bring into being a new generation or a new being'.
  • The Grand Fakédex (Decided by all Club Members)

Inspirations and ThanksEdit

The Fakémon Club Wiki was inspired by The Fakémon Club on Serebii Forums, where users share their Fakémon and other material. The Wiki is a Database where you don't have to go back pages to find/edit your Fakémon, they are all stored and have their own Articles for as much information as wanted!

Our logo The Whismur is in appreciation of the owner of the Fakémon Club, Ysavvryl. Who hosts for us the newest Fakémon Club IV. Many thanks to her for the inspirations and ideas of the Wiki!

Many thanks also to Sike Sanner, who brought us The Fakémon Club III to help our inspirations be shared!

[1] This is the Fakémon Club IV on Serebii Forums.

What can you put on the Wiki?Edit

  • Fakémon/Fan-Art
  • Fake Regions/Towns
  • Fake Animé
  • Fake GYMS/Trainers/Elite Four ‎
  • Whatever else you can think of!


  • August 20th 2009: The Wiki is created! Get sharing your ideas!

User's UpdatesEdit

Users can edit this part of the Article for Updates on their Fake Stuff! Just post your update below this sentence and sign your name with it too!

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