Pokéfee is an Item in Pokémon Dusk and Dawn and it's Animé which, like Pokéblocks and Poffin, raise Contest Stats. It is stored in a Key Item called a Pokéfee Insulator, which holds up to 50 Flasks of Pokéfee.

Types of PokéfeeEdit

There are different types of Pokéfee, and you can get Toppings to raise extra Contest Stats a little.

Pokéfee Types/Stat Raised

  • Smooth / Beauty
  • Bitter / Tough
  • Strong / Cool
  • Swirly / Cute
  • Tasteless / Smart
  • Perfect / All

Topping Types/Stat Raised

  • Cream / Beauty
  • Pepper / Tough
  • Sugar / Cool
  • Chocolate Sprinkles / Cute
  • Milk / Smart

Pokéfee Brewing in The GamesEdit

In Pokémon Dusk and Dawn, Pokéfee is brewed similar to making Poffin. You stir, adding essences provided at the same time. Essences determine how your Pokéfee will be. Essences are obtained by trading in Berries, which are grinded to make Essences before you start making Pokéfee.

Essence Types/Type Determined/Stat Raised

  • Dry / Smooth / Beauty
  • Bitter / Bitter / Tough
  • Spicy / Strong / Cool
  • Sweet / Swirly / Cute
  • Sour / Tasteless / Smart
  • Mild / Perfect / All

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