Oxoford City is a City SouthWest of the Arata Region. It is the city with the first GYM.

Features of the TownEdit

Oxoford City has several places to claim it's popularity. It has a GYM, where the Leader Specializes in Fire Types, the TV Station, a Pokémon College, a Library and a Global Terminal. In the Animé there is a PokéWalker Factory.

In the AniméEdit

In the Animé, the City has it's own 3 episodes to boast. One in which Luke and Richard go to the Global Terminal and receive Chikorita and Cyndaquil, respectively. One where Luke and Richard learn about and get a PokéWalker and one where they both separately face the GYM Leader.

In the GamesEdit

In Pokémon Dusk and Dawn the city is about the same size as Jubilife. It dosent have the PokéWalker Factory.

In-Game LocationsEdit

The locations in the Games are:

  • Random Houses
  • Pokémon College
  • Grand Library
  • Global Terminal
  • GYM #1
  • TV Station
  • Pokémon Centre
  • Poké Mart