Nortone Town is a Town in the Arata Region. It is the hometown of the Player. It is Luke and Richard's Hometown in the Animé.

Features of the TownEdit

The small town isnt much, it has shops and the Pokémon Research Laboratory. There is also a Wool Mill at the edge of the town.

In the AniméEdit

In the Animé, like other towns in it, Nortone Town is potrayed much bigger than in the games. Luke and Richard live there and visit the Lab to get their first Pokémon. Much, much later in the Animé, when Luke and Richard retrieve Lizleaf and go back to Nortone Town, the Professor is lost and they must find him in the Abandoned Wool Mill. It is only abandoned in the Animé.

In the GamesEdit

In Pokémon Dusk and Dawn the town is about as big as Littleroot Town, with 4 buildings. One being the Player's and one being the Rival's. The bottom of the Town is a route which then leads to The Wool Mill.

In-Game LocationsEdit

The locations in the Games are:

  • Player's House
  • Rival's House
  • Other House 1
  • Other House 2
  • Route 2 (South)
  • Wool Mill (South)