This is the page for mine and Tyranitar Trainers reigon, Narrantos.

Narrantos Edit

Narrantos a twin reigon, that is to say there are two Islands, one being designed by Tyranitar Trainer, one by me (Leaderfraser). Each island has 8 gym's of it's own, however they share a pokemon league and elite four. I don't know Narrantos's exact geographic location compared to the other pokemon reigons, but it's a long way from them (As in it's on the other side of the world), and its totally independent.

The climate is very contrasting, with the north having the same climate as Kanto, with the exception of Glacier peak, which is colder than Snowpoint City. In the he south on the other hand, a temperatures can be almost Hoenn level on Paradise Island, and in the Jungle it can be very humid.

Northern Narrantos Edit

The Gym's in Northern Narrantos are as follows:

1- Normal

2- Ground

3- Ghost

4- Water

5- Grass

6- Psychic

7- Ice

8- Dark

(More Information to be added soon)

Southern Narrantos Edit

Southern Narrantos can be described as a wetland reigon, as in there is alot of marsh and swampland, as well as many lakes and rivers. However in the south, a huge expense of grassland called the Great Plains stretches on of the map. Of the remaining land, half is covered by thick jungle. Over to the East is a huge inactive (For now. more on that some other time) volcano, with a small settlement near the summit. Next to this are two other mountains, Mount Thang (Pronounced fang, it just looks cooler with the th) and Mount Surge. Between these two peaks is the Steel Valley.Over to the West, is a huge hydroelectric dam, which supplies the electricity for the whole island! Nearby is a yet unnamed city that host the electric gym.

If you go north to a small island, you'll come to Twilight city, the biggest city in pokemon so far and Narrantoses (sp?) capital. Twilight city is famous for its many casinos. This city hosts the dark type gym and Twilight Tower. If you climb to the top of said tower, you can enjoy fabulous views of the reigon. To the north of the city is the Twilight Suspension Bridge, which connects the two islands of Narrantos together. To the south-east hidden deep in the jungle, is the Moonlight Lake, next to which is the Pyrimind of the Moon (The home of one of the legands, more later). There is also a fast flowing river, that runs from the dam into the sea. In the North runs the Narrantos Highway (A cycling road with a cool name) It runs from Twilight city to the middle of the reigon, and makes a handy shortcut alternative to trekking through the jungle. (But in the story you HAVE to go through the jungle , cous I'm mean. The bug gym is also there.)

The gym's in Southern Narrantos are as follows:

9- Poison

10- Flying

11- Bug

12- Fighting

13- Steel

14- Electric

15- Fire

16- Dragon

(More Information to be added soon)