Jelleye is a fakemon. It was the first Pokemon to be submitted to the Grand Fakedex.



Jelleye is a Fakemon created by Pikablu Lv.X Jelleye is basically an eye inside a blob of luminous jelly. The eye is actually a brain in itself. The Jelly is very nutritious, and thus Jelleye doesn't need to eat, although it needs to be soaked in water in order to keep producing it. The Jelly is a special, mystic substance which allows Jelleye to pass through walls, giving it the Ghost type. That is necessary for self defence, since Jelleye is very weak in this form. Upon evolving, Jelleye loses it's Ghost Type.

Many people capture and take Jelleye's jelly, since it makes good medicine. That is Illegal.

Dex Data: Jelleye's jelly is a cosmic substance. Many people believe it is of the same substance of which the stars are made of.

Level up Moves:

Level 1: Confusion

Level 4: Shadow Sneak

Jelleye does not learn any more moves before evolution.