Banbur Town is a Town SouthWest of the Arata Region. It has a Shopping Arcade similar to the Department Stores in other games and a factory that produces Pokéfee, which helps Pokémon in contests. Just North of the town is a mountain that leads up to the skies, SouthEast of the Town is a Cave which ends at Leed City.

Features of the TownEdit

Banbur Town is nearly as big as Oxoford City but dosen't have a GYM, making it a town. It is famous for the Pokéfee Factory, just on the outskirts of the Town, the Shopping Arcade, with many shops including one that sells pre-made Pokéfee and to the North is the entrance to the long path towards SkyReach Cave. A Shrine lies before the path and only the Chosen Ones can open it and unlock the secrets.

In the AniméEdit

In the Animé, the Town appears early in the series, then much later on in the Series. In it's first episode, Luke and Richard explore the town and lern about Mt.SkyReach and then make some Pokéfee. In the later one, they start to journey for the Shrine to unlock it's secrets and climb Mt.SkyReach.

In the GamesEdit

In Pokémon Dusk and Dawn the town is about the same size as Veilstone City and the Shopping Arcade is it's own Building, the Pokéfee Factory has a house on the side where you can make Pokéfee and there is a gate to the Shrine which then leads to the path to the mountain. There is an entrance to the Cave, in which you need Flash, in the SouthEast, you cannot get Flash but a Hiker travels with you and he lights the way.

In-Game LocationsEdit

The locations in the Games are:

  • Random Houses
  • Shopping Arcade
  • Pokéfee Factory (Inacessable)
  • Pokéfee House
  • Entrance to Shrine.
  • Pokémon Centre