The Arata Region was created by Mew-100 (Digital Tamer), the High Points of the Region include: Londo City, the largest City in the Pokémon World, with 2 GYMS and Livipool City, the Region's Dock which is famous for Boat Trips and Fishing, not to mention the occasional Rain! Alton Island holds the Region's Battle Frontier and Pokémon Theme Park. The River Thatames flows through the entire Region and ends in a Spring at the top of Mt.Skyreach, which is also the Pokémon World's tallest Mountain. The Region is just South of Johto and the Two are both Connected by Alton Island, which is Manmade to link the regions.

The Region's PokédexEdit

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Towns & Cities in ArataEdit

  • Nortone Town: A small town with shops and houses. It is well known for it's Wool Mill.
  • Oxoford City: The City nearest to Nortone Town. It has a GYM and is well known for it's Pokémon College and huge Library. It also has the factory which produces PokéWalkers and a Global Terminal. A Forest connects it to Banbur Town and Leed City.
  • Banbur Town: A short while away from Oxoford City, Banbur Town is very large, but dosent have a GYM, making it a town. It is well known for it's Shopping Arcade and is right next to Mt.Skyreach. It has a Pokéfee Factory, also. The cave next to it gets you too Leed City.
  • Leed City: Leed City is a very quiet place despite being a City. It has mostly houses but it has a GYM and a Park where Pokémon Contests are held.
  • Compton Town: The smallest Town in the region but also the longest, has mostly shops but also a Church.
  • Esham Town: Located at the end of Compton Town, Esham Town is only known for it's Pokémon Lesiure Centre where Pokéthlon Competitions are held.
  • Chippi City: Sister to Nortone Town, the city shares it's size. It has a GYM and a small Forest which leads to a Park where people can walk about freely with their Pokémon out of their Pokéballs. Much harder Pokémon Contests are also held there.
  • Grove City: A City inside a Forest, it has a GYM.
  • Manch City: A City with a GYM and a huge Stadium where Pokémon Tournaments and Contests are held. To get to Londo City, you need to take the very long Cycling Road.
  • Londo City: The biggest city in the Pokémon World. It has many Shops and Two GYMS. It also has a huge Theater where the hardest Pokémon Contests are held.
  • Livipool City: The Dock City of the region. It is well known for it's Boat Trips, GYM and Fishing Spots. It rains often there and Boats travel to Alton Island and back.
  • Alton Island: An Island which connects Arata and Johto, a Battle Frontier and Pokémon Theme Park is on the Island, not to mention a huge Cycling Bridge above the whole of the Island to get to Johto or Arata and back.

In the AniméEdit

In the Animé, the places in the Region are based much larger than they are in the games. Luke and Richard both live in Nortone Town.

In the GamesEdit

In Pokémon Dusk & Dawn, the Region is shortened and you can go to Johto via the Cycling Bridge on Alton Island. The Theme Park there increases the Happiness of your Pokémon and you can buy stuff for your Secret Base. In Londo City, you can connect wirelessly with Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. And Kanto in Heart Gold and Soul Silver.